Have you had a visitation from a deceased pet?

http://bit.ly/1g5E39E Andrea Chlicote shared this story. A Happy Visit I love this story Andrea. It sheds light on that elusive phenomenon many have experienced, but the mainstream culture still discredits….that the spirit of our special beloved beings never really leaves … Continued

He was only a dog

Elaine Mansfield wrote this beautiful tribute to her childhood companion Amigo. The words and misunderstandings are only too familiar. Our society does not always validate or honor the grief that is normal and profound when we say goodbye. http://elainemansfield.com/2013/hes-only-a-dog-love-loss-and-continuing-bonds/

Andrew Sullivan’s blog about Pet Loss

I have been following Andrew Sullivan’s poignant posts as he dealt with the loss of his beloved beagle Dusty.  His grief will resonate with all of us who have had to say, what I call the long goodbye. Andrew implements so beautifully one of … Continued

On the death of Brittany’s Azul

Here is the piece I wrote about Azul’s death. Click on the link to read. Thanks again for all of your amazing support and guidance, Marian. I am very thankful http://www.splitlipmagazine.com/#!8-brittany-michelson/c14j1 On the Loss of Azul by Brittany Michelson www.splitlipmagazine.com … Continued

Pet loss support group on Oct. 20.

Sunday was a support group for a few very brave women who have done their grief work and come to acceptance and peace with the loss of their companion pets. Susan remembered her beautiful Chow Chi Chi, Brittany remembered her love, … Continued

Lyn grieving over Buddy cat

Hello.  I’m writing you because I’ve written to Buddy already and there’s no one to share my heart with. I lay in bed last night in the dark and whispered my “Angel’s Lullaby” to Buddy.  I missed him so terribly.  … Continued