Erica and Misty


I wanted to say that I have gotten so much from your wonderful workshops and from all the lovely people in the group, and I feel that at this time,  I can move on with what you and everyone has taught me during the pet loss process. I am so grateful and thankful for the wonderful experiences and knowledge that you have shared with me. You are such a blessing and wonderful soul Marian.

Erica    9/27/17



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Stella and Mirja

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There are no words that can adequately describe the value of Marian’s bereavement counseling for people who have lost their beloved pets.  It’s not an easy thing for most people to talk about and yet the feelings must come out in order to move on.  Marian has a gentle and loving way to help people share their deepest feelings, joys and guilt about the loss of their beloved four legged friend. There is happiness and perhaps even another four legged friend in the future for those going through the incredible sadness of the loss of their friend but it is so important for these feelings to come out and be shared with others especially a counselor like Marian whose gentle and kind words will hasten healing.

Mirja Bishop,  November 3, 2016

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Cassandra and Steve’s “Bella” and “Cha Cha”

ChaCha and Bella (2)

Marian- I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful love and support during this time of devastating loss. Love, Cassandra

Both Cassandra and I can’t thank you enough for that wonderful group session yesterday. Cassandra told me that some of the insight you provided was life changing, especially the part about the “Gratitude” each day while the pets are still living.

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Adela and Gracey

Grace n me Last Day of 2013
Grace n me Last Day of 2013

I felt such a sense of communion today at your group, especially with you

I look forward to being in your beautiful presence again soon.  Love, Adela

Marian creates a safe space in which you can feel understood, accepted and guided in how to care for yourself and find a path onward in life after the death of your companion.  I contacted her before my Gracey died, and from the moment she wrote back, I knew she was someone who had experienced loss and could feel my pain with her heart, instead of ” therapizing” me, as many therapists do.  She is a rare and precious type of therapist!

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Ann Marie and Pashi

Pashi and I are good now.

I just needed to hear someone
tell me what you did to help set me free from my grief.


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Lyn and Buddy

Lynn and Buddy

Marian Silverman is my safe harbor. She came into my life at a time when no one else understood the grief and sadness I was going through after my “kitty” of 18 1/2 years passed away. Everyone in my life expected me to “get over it” and move on. Besides, he was “just a cat”. I was there 18 1/2 years ago when Buddy opened his eyes, and I was alone with him when he died at home. He was a huge part of my life, indeed, my very soul, and it’s an understatement to say I miss him. Marian has helped me to understand what I’m going through, that I’m not going crazy, I’m just grieving, and that’s okay. She has given me the understanding that I needed to be able to weep openly and allow myself all the time that I need to work through this sadness. She has given me tools to apply when I need to find my way through this catastrophic loss. I will never, ever be “over” it, but I will be able to stand a little stronger, love a little better, and someday help others who are going through the same thing. She has my love and my utmost respect.

What can I say, when my heart is so full? I was so exhausted when I came home, I just had to take a nap. It felt so good to be able to cry with someone I could trust, and know I wouldn’t be judged.

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Susan and Chi Chi

chichi at raintree -- summer 2012Susan and Chi Chi

Marian helped me so much after the passing of my beloved dog, Chi Chi, the chow chow. Chi Chi was truly the love of my life. After she left this planet too soon (which was inevitable as she was suffering from several diseases), I was devastated, depressed, unable to function. Marian understood my pain, and acknowledged it. She really helped me to work through my grief, and with the support of others experiencing the same loss, she guided me to a place where I was ready to move on. I highly recommend Marian Silverman when one is grieving the loss of a much loved pet.

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Brittany and Azul

Brittany and Azul

Azul passed away on April 7, 2013 at 12 years old. Azul, you were the best friend I’ve ever had. I love you in the deepest part of me. Thank you for your beautiful spirit and extreme love. Ours is a bond that will continue.  Marian is an amazing, wise person who understands the intense grief over a beloved pet. I thank her for her incredible, healing words and support.
Thank you Marian.

August 26,2013
I was looking forward to sharing my experience about spreading some of Azul’s ashes which I did yesterday here in Arizona. I went to 2 special forest spots where I used to hike with her all the time and I communed with nature and meditated and talked with Azul. It was a really beautiful experience. I was teary and missing her and all these memories of our many hikes in this forest over the years came back, but it was a liberating experience to be in the forest alone and spread her ashes. She belongs in the forest that she loved. She was such a free spirit. She loved to race through the forest. She lived for those hikes and also for me. Her love was so amazing. She watched my every move and I adored her. I miss my girl, but I have healed so much since the early aftermath of her death.


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Jessica and Romeo


“Marian helped me with the loss of my dog, Romeo. She is kind and helpful. She has insight and wisdom. She will help you process your grief and share with you your memories and growth.”

Jessica Martinez

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Lisa and Nemo

Nemo and Lisa

It was Marian’s attitude toward the death process and of how we should create a peaceful setting for our animal companion’s journey out of this life that helped me to be strong and make a beautiful day for my long time cat friend, Nemo. I know he appreciated it and he wasn’t afraid. It made all the difference in the world for me as I still adjust to his absence. But there are no regrets. I could not have achieved this without Marian’s knowledge and guidance. She is a gifted counselor and facilitator.

Lisa Marguerite Mora
Barrington Editorial Service

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Inge and Carmen


After the recent passing of my bunny friend Carmen, I came across Marian’s information as I was leaving the vet’s office. Since I have a history of depression, I knew I needed help to get through this loss. Her passing was a tremendous blow and I didn’t know where to turn.

On the second day after her death, I called Marian to schedule an appointment. We had an instant connection. She even offered to see me that same evening as she heard that my grief was very fresh and raw. In our sessions together, Marian gave me the tools to deal with the guilt, void and sadness. She gave me many useful tips on how to care for myself and my emotional health by sharing some of her own experiences and allowing me to express the hurt that was kept inside. Her very personal approach, attention to detail and genuine care made the difference between feeling completely lost and having a guiding hand through the process of grief.

I also participated in her pet loss workshop and found that the exercises and guided meditations were able to reach a level of feelings that I thought I had dealt with.

I can highly recommend working with Marian. She and her lovely animal family will make all the difference in the world in a time of need.

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Tricia and Raskie


Marian I want you to know I finally went to sleep early and was able to sleep. I feel much better now because thanks to you I have a plan on what I need to do for self healing and do not need to guess or apologize for my grieving of my canine child–Raskie boy.

I agree with you that I am blessed “because I realize my Raskie was a blessing and will continue to be a blessing for me.” I don’t see the whole big picture yet? But I’m confident I will, in the near future. I will put your suggestions in action.

Thank God for creating animals and for equipping souls like you. I believe you serve your purpose on this earth and know its destiny when our hearts are forever changed ?. I’m hurting deeply but thankful that I have a soul which has been created to bond with animals. Again thank you for your kindness and overall comfort. It was pleasure to meet you, and I know my Raskie loved me and it’s okay to mourn him.

RIP Sr. Grand-Champion- Raskie (12/98-10/12)
Love, Tricia

October 31, 2012 Los Angeles, California

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Riza and Maya


Thank you for your kind message, and for opening up your lovely home for the bereavement workshop. I felt deeply moved by the experience, and it was vital for me to read my feelings aloud to honor Maya, and the life we shared together. It was so challenging to find such a support group here in L.A., and I cannot tell you how deeply I appreciate your service — you are filling a great need.

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Sandra and Maven


This is what is needed. This is a source of knowing, and a validation of being. Out of what feels like a dark abyss to many….It is a nurturing light.

When maven left I called you. I knew you knew. Nobody else that I know…….knows this place…….or what to do with it. Nobody.

Thank you for your heart and soul. Because that is what you show up with. You always have….It is who you are.
And, it is awesome.

My love,


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Cathy and Ella


Marian: I don’t know what to say. I think that Ella brought you to us, then and now. First you got us started on our journey of working as a therapy team, something that brought both of us great fulfillment. Now you are here for this last, most important step in our journey together and with words of wisdom like no one else could give me. I’m going to print off your email and will read those words a hundred times before Monday, and afterwards as well…

You helped me immensely during Ella’s illness and when she died (and before that, of course, when you trained us as volunteers at UCLA’s People-Animal Connection). I still have your emails and still can’t read them without crying. Part of it is the fact that I will miss her forever but a lot of it is because you have such a way of getting to the heart of what it feels like to go through the process of saying good-bye.

Cathy Tsao Former volunteer with Ella, UCLA People-Animal Connection
Puppy raiser and breeder caretaker, Canine Companions for Independence

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Laura and Yogi


After 1 1/2 years of intense grieving for my dead best friend Yogi, I contacted Marian. She made me think of him again, and even harder, made me write about how important he had been in my life. I fought this with all of my being. And yet, now I feel less guilty and not quite so sad. Marian truly understands the components of bereavement and does not trivialize any of this. I still missYogi, but now I understand that this is good. Marian says that it demonstrates that I am a compassionate human who loved a cat so much. She says that this is a good thing.

1 /14/2012 I had lots of time to think about the workshop on my way home as I was stuck in interminable traffic. The most important thing that I realized was that, somehow, I felt more at peace about my relationship with Yogi. I was glad for the chance to talk and write about him with strangers whom, I had no doubt, loved their pets just as much. I listened intently to them and know that they heard and acknowledged me.

Marian: you created an accepting and safe environment. This is the work that you were meant to do, and I hope that you get many more clients. There is nothing that you should change about it. I would have paid a lot more than you charged and thought that I got more than my money’s worth.

Laura Jacobs, PhD., RVT

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